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The Perfect Patient

The John

The John

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The John is loaded with a variety of items inspired by what he loves best! This signature care kit includes a selection of toys, activities, and specialty items that are hand-picked for your patient. The John is colorful, fun, and engaging - just like the kit's namesake!

The John is designed to be portable and used again and again. The items in our multipurpose clear tote provide opportunities for engagement, language and fine motor development, and hours of fun! The items include: a coloring roll with crayons, 6-in-1 card game pack, sticker mosaics, puzzle in a bag, matching game, TPP pen and pad, as well as a stamped thank you card. The John also features a fine motor water game while The Janie includes a face mask and headband. Each of our Janie and John kits includes a personalized note written by our favorite patients, Janie and John!

Enhance your patient's experience by adding our Perfect Pairings to your signature kit! The Perfect Package includes our signature items in one beautifully packaged kit: The Janie or the John, Pack-o-Potential, Sweatshirt Blanket, and TPP Hat.

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