TPP x Happy Magnolias

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Happy Magnolias!

The Perfect Patient's signature blue and white come together to create a special bracelet to share with friends, siblings, mothers and daughters, teachers, and more. The TPP bracelet was designed to celebrate the connection and the incredible bond between those who support, encourage, and care for each other. We hope this bracelet serves as a reminder of those who love you - when you are together or apart. We see this bracelet being worn by siblings and friends when one person is in the hospital and the others are at home. We see this bracelet bringing TPP joy to an already fabulous bracelet stack. We see this bracelet showing appreciation to camp counselors, teachers, and friends!

TPP x Happy Magnolias Bead Kits make an excellent add-on for our signature kits. They can be sent as camper gifts, traveling activities, and wonderful boosts.

Each bead kit includes an assortment of wood and vinyl beads as well as varying shapes such as flowers, smiley faces, butterflies, stars, and hearts to provide hours of entertainment and creativity! Each kit has enough beads and strings to make 3-4 bracelets and includes the letters to spell “YOU GOT THIS”. Bracelet instructions are included in the kit.

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